about mouse!

hi! i'm mouse. (formerly known as cookie)
i live in the united states and have been playing petz for as long as i can remember.
i like gardening, reading, web design, scary movies, and baking.
i have two cats: Bunny (17) and Morty (8), and one husband.

my petz setup (WIP)

i thought it would be interesting to compile some of my absolute favorite petz add-ons, mods, and things i always use when playing...partially for any emergency situations, but also to share some of my favorite items, websites, and things i can't live without with anyone who is interested. kind of like inviting you into my petz house!
please note!: this is purely a list of my favorite items and things, compiled in the most comprehensive way i can manage. it is never my intention to discount anyone's hard work or remove credit! if there is something you feel i should correct please dont hesitate to reach out!


my base game necessities/enhancements
(for a more thorough list please visit this whiskerwick thread, but i listed only what i use in-game)



tinker & lnzpro https://www.sherlocksoftware.org/page.php?id=4
lnz live https://ratshack.neocities.org/text/petz/petzcorner
runaway rescue https://kel.rainbow-muffin.org/
yabiko petflux https://reflettage.wixsite.com/yabiko/download
oasis spot line generator and anchor tool
petz thumbnails https://ratshack.neocities.org/text/petz/petzutils
petzsplash fixer https://beatnik.tiny-universes.net/


these are useful when you want to take themed pics based off of a holiday for a contest! things i dont necessarily keep in game at all times but are nice to have for occasions where i need to spruce up my petz house!

please note!: downloading everything will make your game lag severely. that is why everything is separated into seasons.

- rhopets Spring Yard [P4]
funfetti butterfly terrarium
- funfetti golden watering can
- oasis Spring Toy Set
- Tulip Varieties MARCH 2022 CARGO
- Easter Baskets MARCH 2022 CARGO
- Daisies APRIL 2023 CARGO

- phantasm sunhats
- oasis Summer Decor Set
- Even More Frisbees AUGUST 2021 CARGO
- Beach Towels AUGUST 2021 CARGO
- Beach Umbrellas AUGUST 2021 CARGO
- Beach Balls JULY 2022 CARGO
- Scuba Goggles and Wetsuit JUNE 2022 CARGO
- Hawaiian Sunglasses Pack JULY 2021 (just ctrl+f sunglasses.....srs they are all so cute) CARGO

- phantasm dino costumes
- rhopets Fall Decor Vases
- rhopets Halloween Bundle [P4]
- OASIS Jack O'Lantern set
- Mythic Silence Autumn Family Room
- rhopets Autumn Yard
- MS Sunny Backyard
- oasis Autumn Decor Set
- Spooky Food Bowls OCTOBER 2021 CARGO
- FishBone Bowl OCTOBER 2022 CARGO
- Trick or Treat Candy Treats V2 OCTOBER 2019 CARGO
- Witch and Wizard Outfits OCTOBER 2023 CARGO
pumpkin bucket https://petz.pbalik.com/
- phantasm wreath crowns
- phantasm fluffy winter sets
- rhopets Christmas 2022 Toy Bundle [P4]
- funfetti talking santa doll
- funfetti rudolph plushie
- funfetti santa hats/pastel santa hats
- funfetti holly side bow
- Mythic Silence Festive Closet (toy closet OW)
- rhopets Snowy Yard
- oasis Valentines Set
-Xmas Stockings DECEMBER 2021 CARGO
-Xmas Wreaths DECEMBER 2021 CARGO
-Small Xmas Trees DECEMBER 2022 CARGO
Pre-Decorated Xmas Trees DECEMBER 2022 CARGO
Xmas Ornament Boxes DECEMBER 2022 CARGO