about cookie planet!

(current) Version 4 (2022-)
a winter wonderland, winter is my favorite season and i was also inspired
by my hexie Serenity, she's one of my favorites i've ever made.

Version 3 (2021-2022)
this one was an attempt to make an embroidered look but it didn't quite work out.
still a nice relatively springy look, i really enjoyed the colors on this one.

Versions 2/2.1 (2018-2020)
I wanted to showcase my crew for this one! i love love love this layout it is
super petzy and kind of retro. i wanted to keep changing up the featured petz
but ended up changing the layout after a few years. i would love to go back to this style.

version 1 (2018)
very very short lived, no screenshot was kept but the only thing that remains are the header and some graphics....i think it was like a pixely-starry type of layout with LOTS of pink!