welcome to cookie planet!

this is a petz resource and archive
run by mouse, founded in 2018.
to see my crew, please visit in flore

05/25transforming CPC into a resource site (cause i can't let such a cute name go to waste) and a new crew site will be launching soon-ish. in the mean time there is a new stamp and some new cliques from me to you, please feel free to pick them up! ♥

3/6 ok i fixed the crew pages.........i really like them now each pet is nicely hilighted and has their own little box. looks nice gr8 job.

2/13 updated the crew...realized after my revamp you can't see who i adopted my children from orz
it's been a rough couple weeks irl so it's nice to get back to the constant comfort that is petz... ♥ ♥

01/30 some minor graphical changes, textures, revamped the crew site and caught up with additions. there are litters available if anyone is interested? i haven't advertised them yet but they're there, take a look!

1/4/21 All caught up after advent, crew current and everything! i plan on making stamps and litters in the future, so keep an eye out for those!

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