welcome to cookie planet
a petz4 crew site founded in 2018.

this is version 2.1, featuring (counter-clockwise)
Royal, Augustus, Samosa,
Brownie, Reggie, Nightingale,
Tarragon, Aurelia,
and Milly.

7/11 new playscene added to downloads, updated crew images. working on adding extra clickable things to certain pets for show purposes.

2/10layout petz have been switched up, and dog and cat crews have added some members! special thanks to delighy for the little painting images, found on whiskerwick!

12/26 updated my hex archive and added all the new faces from the whiskerwick advent. i hope everyone had a wonderful, warm christmas!

11/03 new layout to celebrate fall and my birthday, i plan on keeping this basic layout as long as i can and then updating little things until i come up with something else!

09/10 updated crew entires, cat and dog!